Double Prams in Australia: A Guide to Different Styles

When parents have more than one child, it can be challenging to manage both of them while on the move. This is why double prams come in handy. These prams are designed for parents who have twins, two children of different ages, or those planning to have a second child soon. But with so many brands and styles available in Australia, selecting the right one for your family can be overwhelming. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the different styles of double prams in Australia to help you make an informed decision.

Styles of Double Prams

1. Side-by-side Prams

Side-by-side prams are one of the most common types of double prams in Australia. They are wide, leaving a lot of space for both children who can sit in comfortable positions. One great advantage of side-by-side prams is that they provide a similar view for both kids, unlike tandem prams where one child gets to face backward. Also, both children can easily converse and enjoy the company of each other.

Examples of the Side by SIde Prams:

Bugaboo Donkey

2. Tandem Prams

Tandem prams have one child in front of the other and are the most versatile type of double prams. They come in different configurations; with the younger child sitting in the front and the older one behind, vice versa, or with both seats facing the front. A significant advantage of tandem prams is that they are more narrow than side-by-side prams and can easily fit through standard doorways. However, tandem prams can be long, making it difficult to make sharp turns.

Examples of Tandem Prams:

Redsbaby – Metro, Jive or Nuvo

Baby Jogger City Select

3. Convertible Prams

Convertible prams are another popular type of double pram. They can be used for both single and double use, meaning you can detach the extra seat if you’re only using it for one child. They can also be used as a single pram but are excellent for growing families. However, convertible prams are costly and can be heavy to push around.

Examples of Covertible Prams:

Uppababy Vista

Strider Compact


Metro, Jive or Nuvo

4. Stroller and Bassinet Combos

Stroller and Bassinet Combos are great for parents with infants. The stroller is designed for older children, while the bassinet can be used for infants or younger children. You can easily switch between the stroller and bassinet, depending on the age of your kids. They are pretty compact and easy to navigate but may not be suitable for older children.

Examples of Stroller/Bassinet Combinations:


Cybex Gazelle

5. Sit and Stand Prams

Sit and Stand prams are designed for a toddler and a younger child. They have a standing platform at the back where the older child can stand and face backward while the younger child sits in the front. They are also lightweight and narrow, making them easy to steer and navigate through crowded spaces, but they may not be suitable for long walks.

Examples of Sit-to-Stand Prams:

Bugaboo Fox

BabyZen YoYo

Double prams are perfect for parents who have twins, two children of different ages, or those planning to have a second child soon. When choosing the right pram for your family, consider your lifestyle, the age of your children, and your budget. Our list of different styles of double prams in Australia should help make your decision easier. Go out there and find a pram that fits your family’s needs!

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