Different Types of Prams and Their Pros and Cons for New Parents

As soon as a new baby is on the way, parents become consumed with thoughts of buying all the products that can make life easier for them. Out of all the products, a pram is one of the most essential items for new parents, as it makes going out with the baby a lot easier. However, there are so many different styles of prams to choose from, making it difficult for new parents to decide which one they need. In this blog, we will be discussing the different types of prams and their pros and cons to help new parents make an informed decision.

What are the different styles of prams?

Single Fold Prams: 

As the name suggests, these prams can be folded up and down using one hand only. The major advantage of these prams is how easy they are to use, especially when you have your hands full. However, the downside to this style of pram is that they usually have less storage space than other types and baby will face one way or the other not both.


  • Easy to fold
  • Lay flat for baby
  • Compact fold
  • Take up less boot space


  • Small storage space
  • Baby only able to face one way

Multi Piece Fold Prams: 

These prams are made up of several pieces that need to be assembled and dismantled when in use. The upside of this type of pram is that they provide ample storage space, the seat can normally face both ways and recline to multiple positions and are suitable for all terrains. The downside is that they can be heavy, not easy to assemble and take up alot of car boot space.


  • Ample storage space
  • Seat can multiple ways
  • Seat can recline to multiple positions
  • Can normally adapt to having a toddler board or seat
  • Suitable for most terrain


  • Heavy
  • Not easy to assemble
  • Time consuming to put together
  • Takes up alot of boot space
  • Not a compact fold

One of our favourite multiple-piece fold prams is the Redsbaby Jive5 Pram, it features:

  • All terrain wheels
  • 11 Configurations of seat with the ability to have a second seat, bassinet or toddler board
  • Compact Fold
  • Single Hand Reclining Seat
  • Light weight Frame
  • Adjustable footrest

Jogger and Running Prams: 

These prams are perfect for parents who want to stay fit while taking their baby with them. They are usually equipped with sturdy wheels, which makes it possible for the parent to run or jog with their baby. However, they may not be practical for everyday use as they can be bulky and not suited for city living.


  • Large wheels
  • Easy to push
  • Comfortable for baby when pushed at speed


  • Seat normally only faces one way
  • Heavy
  • Not a compact fold
  • Can be quite wide

Double Prams (tandem): 

These prams are specially designed for parents who have two children. They are available as tandem pram which is normally one seat up high and one seat down low on the pram, and the main advantage is that they allow the parent to carry both their children at the same time. However, double prams can be expensive and bulky.


  • Multiple children (suitable from birth to toddler)
  • Can normally accommodate a capsule
  • Multi Seat configuration
  • Slim line designs


  • Heavy to push
  • Multi piece fold
  • Not compact fold

Redsbaby have decided to turn the baby industry upside down with the new design of double pram. You need to look at the Nuvo!

No longer are double prams ugly, heavy and cumbersome. The Nuvo can fold with both seats attached, it can also take a toddler board and has 18 different configurations to customise your pram to how you need it. It has a whopping 12kg basket and is surprisingly compact. If you need a pram for single, double or triple (with toddler board) then you need to have a look at the new Nuvo pram by Redsbaby!

Side-by-Side Prams: 

These prams are designed so that the babies sit side by side. They are perfect for parents who want their babies to be close to each other and if you are having twins. The downside is that they can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.


  • Can accommodate children of different ages and sizes
  • Both can be forward facing
  • No arguments of who sits at the front
  • One piece fold
  • Lay flat seats


  • Can be very wide
  • Hard to push

Again our recommendation is a Bugaboo called the Donkey, it features

  • Ability to take 2 bassinets
  • Parent facing or forward facing seats
  • Convertible pram
  • Slimline design

Image Source (Amazon)

Lay Flat Prams: 

These prams can be placed in a flat position, which is perfect for newborns. They are comfortable, secure and are adjustable as the baby grows older. They are however not suitable when the baby can support their head or neck.


  • Normally are a one piece fold
  • Very suitable for newborns


  • Normally only forward facing
  • Seat can have very little padding

Reversible Seat Prams: 

These prams are designed so that the baby can face either forwards or towards the parent. The advantage of these prams is that you can always keep an eye on your baby. The downside is that the reversible feature can be difficult to operate, especially with one hand.


  • Forward and rear-facing
  • The seat can normally be reclined for sleeping


  • Bulky to fold
  • Heavy pram

Most modern prams allow you to configure your pram to have it the way you want, any of the Redsbaby Prams do multiple configurations. Have a look at Redsbaby for your new pram.

Compact Prams: 

These prams are designed for parents who have limited storage space. They are easy to fold and can be carried easily. However, the downside is that they can be tiny, making them unsuitable for larger babies.


  • Compact fold
  • Single fold
  • Very easy to push


  • Small pram
  • Small basket area

Take a look at the new Redsbaby Skip2 Pram, very compact and perfect for everyday needs

Travel Prams: 

These prams are designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to fold. They are perfect for parents who want a pram to take on trips or holidays. However, the downside is that they may not be suitable for everyday use as they may not be sturdy enough for active use.


  • Very compact fold
  • Small and maneuverable 
  • Seat reclines for sleeping


  • Not stable to hold nappy bags
  • Very limited basket space
  • Small eat area

Our favourite travel pram is the Baby Jogger City, this compact pram can be taken anywhere! It features:

  • Super lightweight (6.5kg) and compact. Designed for carry on luggage (Carry bag included). Compact fold allows for storage in an airplane overhead bin. Auto-locks when folded
  • Lightweight wheels with lockable front swivel wheels and front-wheel suspension. Rear parking brake
  • Multi-position seat reclines to near-flat position for naps on the go
  • Adjustable calf support
  • Mesh peek-a-boo window

Image Source (Amazon)

Prams are a critical accessory in raising a child, and as such, it is essential to choose the right one. By knowing about the different types of prams and their pros and cons, new parents can make an informed decision and choose a pram that is perfect for them and their baby. Remember, the most important thing is that the pram is safe, comfortable and practical for everyday use.

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