Push Presents in Australia: All Your Questions Answered

Push Presents in Australia: All Your Questions Answered

For mums-to-be, the nine months of nourishing and carrying a baby is no piece of cake. They endure many discomforts, including morning sickness, mood swings and trouble sleeping. Add to the equation the physical and emotional toll giving birth brings and the sleepless nights that come after. 

Whilst finally holding that little bundle of joy in your arms is in itself a great gift, new or expecting mums deserve extra-pampering. Giving a push present is one way to show new mums your love and support.

But what exactly is a push present? Let’s find out. Keep reading to have all your push present questions answered. 

What is a Push Present?

A push present, also called a push gift or baby bauble, is a tangible gift given to a pregnant mum. Typically, push presents are given to new or expecting mums by their partners. However, over the years, anyone close to the mum-to-be can give a push present to show their love and support.

Push presents symbolise the feelings of appreciation for all the challenges and sacrifices new mums deal with as they venture into motherhood. They also serve as an uplifting reminder of that special moment when they brought new life into this world. 

When Did Push Presents Become Popular?

Push presents gained mainstream appeal because Hollywood couples started the trend in the 2000s. 

Remember when Marc Antony and Jennifer Lopez made the headlines in 2008? Reports say Marc Antony gave Jennifer Lopez a pair of diamond earrings with a matching diamond ring, valued at around 2.5 US million dollars, to celebrate the delivery of their twins, Max and Emme. 

Several other celebrities followed suit, and even the British Royal family joined in the trend. Other high-profile celebrity mums who were given outrageously expensive push presents are:

  • Kim Kardashian received a diamond choker worth a million US dollars from Kanye West
  • Kylie Jenner got a rare Ferrari LaFerrari valued at $1.4 million from Travis Scott
  • Model Blac Chyna bought a $400,000 Rolls Royce after giving birth to her daughter with Rob Kardashian
  • Nicole Kidman received a $120,000 cross adorned with emeralds and diamonds from Keith Urban
  • Beyoncé was gifted a $35,000 blue diamond ring by Jay-Z
  • Duchess Kate Middleton received a custom pair of diamond earrings with green amethysts and tourmalines worth around $4,000

Even in the 20th century, famous figures had given their wives push presents. For example, in 1948, Elizabeth received a bouquet from Prince Philip after giving birth to Prince Charles. In 1960, John F. Kennedy surprised Jackie Onassis with a brooch studded with ruby gems when their son was born.

However, the origin of giving push presents can be traced hundreds of years back. Of note is the ancient Indian tradition called Godh Bharai. This ceremony is likened to what we know today as a baby shower. The God Bharai is usually celebrated in the seventh or ninth month of pregnancy. It is traditionally a women-only occasion, where the new mum is dressed in a new saree and adorned with flowers and jewellery. 

The ceremony involves the mother, mother-in-law and other guests blessing the new mum and offering her various presents, mostly fruits and sweets, to help nourish the baby. After the blessing ceremony, guests share a feast composed of the new mum’s favourites. Like many Indian customs, there’s also singing and dancing after the ceremony and before the feast.

What Is a Typical Push Present?

Jewellery remains a popular choice for push presents. Many people choose to give jewellery because it is both practical and sentimental. It embodies timelessness, perfectly representing how special a new mum is to you. Jewellery may be a luxury item, but it can be an heirloom that you can pass to your child. 

Another advantage of giving jewellery, whether a ring, necklace or pair of earrings, is that it's customisable. For example, you can buy her earrings studded with her favourite gemstones. If you’re thinking of giving the new mum a ring, you can have the band engraved with your child’s name or birthdate. Or, if you want to give her a custom necklace, you can either go for a name necklace or a long chain necklace with a beautiful pendant adorned with her and the baby’s birthstones. 

Besides jewellery, there are less expensive but equally memorable options. You can give her a journal where she can document baby milestones and her experiences as a mother. A photoshoot for her and the new baby is also a great idea. You can then put their picture in a frame to have as a keepsake you can cherish forever. A keepsake box is also a nice sentimental gift. It can store items like the mum’s and baby’s, your baby’s first hospital hat and mittens or your baby’s ultrasound photo.

Push presents that offer comfort are also common. Items such as a customised pillow, a pair of plush slippers or a day of pampering at the spa will make the weeks following the child’s delivery more bearable.

Are Push Presents a Thing in Australia?

The modern tradition or trend of giving push presents continues to spread around the world. But has it arrived on Australian shores? It is well-known in Australia and is expected to grow in the coming years. There are differing opinions about it.

Many expectant mums are excited about the thought of receiving a push present. A few would even pinpoint the exact gift they want to receive from their partner. Some mums said they received a push present on their first pregnancy but told their husbands to forgo it on their next child. 

But some mums are not too keen on the idea. For them, giving push presents promotes a consumerism culture. Instead of saving up for the baby and allotting their money to more essential items, expecting couples are “pushed” to make extravagant purchases to keep up with the trend.

Whilst every expecting couple does not embrace the thought of giving push presents, there’s nothing wrong about giving a new mum a one-of-a-kind gift to commemorate the moment she gave birth to your child. As long as you want to show genuine appreciation and gratitude for everything your wife or partner went through during pregnancy and childbirth, nobody can stop you from buying a push present to make her feel extra special.

When Do You Give a Push Present?

Push present etiquette suggests that you should give it either before or after the mum-to-be delivers the baby. Ideally, a push present is given in privacy. Hence, timing is key. 

If you plan on giving her the gift before giving birth, give it a few days before her due date. Don’t wait until you’re in the hospital to surprise her, as it’s going to be busy with nurses and doctors checking up on her. But if you want to wait until the baby is born, it’s better to do it when you’re back home, once all the excitement from the birth has died down. 

If having a sip and see party or post-baby shower, the lead-up to the event is a great time to give this special gift. 

Remember that there’s no hard and fast rule regarding the exact date you should give a push gift. It depends on your preference–whenever and wherever feels the most natural and comfortable to you. 

How Much Should I Spend on a Push Present?

The amount you should spend on a push present depends entirely on your budget. If you are on a tighter budget, you can get a great sentimental gift between $50 and $100. However, those who opt for lavish gifts spend around $1000 - $2000. Remember, it’s not the price tag that matters; it’s the sentiment. 

When choosing a push gift for her, think not about the price tag but what’s important to her. Not everyone can afford fine jewellery or a fancy car. Seeing celebrities splurge on push presents doesn’t mean you should do the same. 

As much as you want to spoil a new mum because she deserves it, don’t pressure yourself into buying something that will cost a fortune unless you can afford it. Remember, childcare expenses can also be expensive. You don’t want to end up in debt after buying something extremely lavish. 

Just like when looking for a birthday or an anniversary gift, it’s always a good idea to set a limit on your spending. Look into your financial position first, which will help you set a budget. But, push gifts don’t have to be expensive, and there are many good options for all sorts of budgets. With a little research and a cup full of good intentions, you can find a wonderful gift whilst keeping your savings intact.

Do Dads Get a Push Present?

Traditionally, push presents are designed for new mothers, not fathers. Giving push presents recognises and appreciates the emotional and physical labour a new mum goes through while pregnant, during the birthing process and after the child is born. 

However, the parenthood journey doesn’t only impact the new mum. New dads or dads-to-be may not experience the physical pain of carrying human life and giving birth to a baby, but they do join in the ups and downs of newborn life. 

Therefore, it is absolutely okay to get a new dad a present after the birth of their child. This may not be referred to as a push present as such. Whilst it’s not a must or a need, giving dads a congratulatory gift is a beautiful thing to do to celebrate the birth of a child.

Push Present Ideas 2022: Australian Gift Guide

Need help in choosing an unforgettable push present for your significant other? Below are some ideas.

Push Present Ideas: Jewellery

As mentioned earlier, jewellery is the go-to for push presents. From charms to custom pieces, here are some gorgeous push gift ideas for the new mum:

1. Engraved Heart Ring

This custom ring features a metal band with zirconia studs and a heart-shaped birthstone. The inner part of the band is engraved with a “Love You Forever” text, which serves as an everyday heartfelt reminder of how much you care for her.

The ring is packaged in a jewellery box. You can select the type of band, with options including Sterling Silver, White Gold and Rose Gold. For a more personal touch, you can customize the design of the ring box by either adding a photo or choosing from their templates of messages or illustrations. 

2. Engraved 3D Bar Necklace

Featuring a simple but elegant design, this bar necklace is a staple in her jewellery collection. The new mum can wear it with everyday clothes or as a finishing touch to a formal gown or cocktail dress. 

This customisable gold necklace allows you to add up to four inscriptions. You can add the new mum’s name, your name, the baby’s name and the date of birth. Besides solid gold, this lovely necklace is also available in Sterling Silver, Rose Gold plating, Gold Plating and Gold Vermeil.

3Mother and Daughter Heart Charms

This double heart charm is the perfect gift for celebrating the arrival of your new daughter. It is a beautiful stand-alone charm on a single band bracelet but also looks equally stunning when accompanied by other charms.

4. Diamond Drop Earrings

This glamorous pair of diamond earrings will add the right amount of sparkle to any outfit. It features a leaf-like silhouette with a column of diamond studs at the centre. The clean, classic look makes it easy to wear on any occasion. 

5. Pearl Bracelet

If she loves pearls, she will appreciate this charm bracelet. Glossy freshwater pearls adorn the whole band and secure around the wrist via the lobster claw clasp. At the centre of the bracelet is a slot where you can add a charm.

Push Present Ideas: Not Jewellery

Sure, you can never go wrong when you give her jewellery. But you don’t have to spend as much money as celebrities to make her feel loved and appreciated. You have other equally heart-warming and affordable options.

They may not be as expensive as diamond rings, but the following push gift ideas will either tug at her heartstrings or make her motherhood journey easier.

1. Baby Keepsake Box 

This wooden keepsake box is the perfect home for mementos and trinkets, from maternity photos to the baby’s first tooth. You can have the lid engraved with the wife or baby’s name. 

For a more personal touch, you can even add your own design to be engraved on the lid. This beautiful storage box will look great on a shelf or as a centrepiece on a coffee table.

2. Home Pampering Set

Motherhood is filled with sleepless nights, so this pampering set will help make those nights more comfortable. It includes a luxurious pink robe, assorted Guylian chocolates and body care essentials from MOR. The good thing about this set is that you can change the items in the set to match your partner’s preferences. For example, you choose a robe in a different colour.

This relaxing gift set is packaged in a gift box. You can choose the ribbon colour and have a personal message printed on it.

3. Spa Gift Card

Your partner will be spending a lot of energy taking care of your little one when they are born. With this gift voucher, you’ll be able to treat your partner to a relaxing day at the spa and give her an energy boost. You can arrange a combination of services, from massage and facial treatments to waxing and body detox treatments. You can choose among available spa packages or purchase a specific amount and let your partner select the treatments she wants.

4. Home Cleaning Service

Looking after the baby can take up a lot of time. New mums will often be too tired even to give their home a good clean. You can book a home cleaning appointment to help her relax and ensure her living space remains spic-and-span. 

You can schedule a home cleaning service daily, weekly or monthly. Their regular cleaning session includes bathroom, carpet, and kitchen cleaning and sanitation services. You can also add additional chores such as ironing clothes, changing bedding and watering plants. You can also request them to feed your pets for you. They will send the same person to all cleaning appointments for extra security.

5. Coffee Machine with Milk Frother

Sleep-deprived mums will absolutely appreciate the gift of coffee. This coffee maker comes with a 24-ounce tank and brews two different cups of coffee, either a 1.35-ounce espresso or a 5-ounce Lungo. It comes with a milk frother for making lattes and cappuccinos. The compact and lightweight build lets you store this coffee maker in the kitchen or keep it close to you on your bedside table. It also has a foldable drip tray accommodating a large coffee cup or glass.

Related Questions

Is a Push Present an American Thing?

Some sources say the push present actually originated in India, where the ritual called Godh Bharai saw new mothers showered with gifts. However, the push present has become more mainstream in Western countries, especially America. While push presents are certainly a craze in the United States, it is slowly growing in popularity in other countries. 

Who Is Supposed to Give a Push Present?

Traditionally, the husband or partner of the new mum's the one who gives a push present. This is to show their appreciation for bringing their new child into the world. However, as push presents become more common, the gifts aren’t limited to partners. Close friends and family members can also gift new mothers a push present. 

How Do You Tell Your Husband You Want a Push Present?

Similar to birthday and Christmas gifts, a push present doesn’t have to be a surprise. If you want a push present from your partner or have a specific gift idea in mind, it is best to make that clear. Since a push present is still not a mainstream idea, it is best to discuss the idea with your partner to avoid any disappointment. 

Can a Friend Give a Push Present?

While it is traditionally the partner or baby’s father who gives the new mother a push present, friends and family can absolutely join in on the gift giving. If you want to help a close friend or family member commemorate the birth of their new child, you can give them a memorable push present to say congratulations or well done. 

If you didn’t get the chance to give a gift at the baby shower or baby sprinkle, giving a birth gift is a good opportunity to make up for it. 

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